【イベント情報】Investing in Fukuoka~海外企業・事業者向け福岡進出セミナー~











アジアの玄関口である博多駅に位置する「Coworking Space Q」は、海外から福岡へのグローバルなビジネス拠点を目指しています。



台湾のVMFi Inc.も参加し、福岡でのビジネス推進に関する生の声をお伝えします!



JR九州 JR九州 事業開発本部 企画部 企画課 (新規事業担当) 課長代理  田様
福岡市 福岡市経済観光文化局創業・立地推進部 外国企業立地相談員  今村様
福岡市 福岡市グローバルスタートアップセンター フランカー  中川様
ジェトロ ジェトロ福岡 外国企業誘致コーディネーター  内野様
VMFi Inc. CEO Maxwell様(5Gの超高速AI音声翻訳ソリューションを提供する台湾の企業)



2022 年 10月 14日(金) 18:00~19:30










※本イベントは英語イベントです。オフライン会場にのみ、VMFi Inc.のAI同時翻訳ツールによる日本語翻訳をモニター投影予定です。



Co-working Co-learning Space Q 

〒812-0012 福岡県福岡市博多区博多駅中央街1-1JR博多シティ アミュプラザ博多 地下1階
TEL 070-4491-3250 (スタッフ対応時間:平日9:00~19:00)










The purpose of this event is to provide information to foreign companies that are considering expanding to Japan but are unable to obtain actual information about the various measures and support offered to foreign companies.
We hope that this event will provide an opportunity and a boost for overseas companies to set up operations in Fukuoka.



Located at Hakata Station, the gateway to Asia, Coworking Space Q aims to become a global business hub for Fukuoka from overseas.
In recent years, Fukuoka has been attracting attention as a destination for overseas companies due to its urban infrastructure, convenient airport access, and collaborative environment between business and government.
It is also recognized as a very livable city for foreigners.
-Advantages of Expanding to Fukuoka
-Support for Overseas Companies in Fukuoka
-Environment and Support System for Business Promotion in Fukuoka
Representatives from Fukuoka City, JETRO, and Coworking Space Q will talk about Fukuoka’s environment and support system for business promotion in a talk session format and answer your questions.
VMFi Inc., a Taiwanese company that actually promotes business in Fukuoka and Japan using Q as a base and won the excellence award at the JR Kyushu Business Contest held in July 2022, will also join us to provide their real voices on business promotion in Fukuoka!

For overseas companies interested in developing business in Japan using After Corona
Anyone who is interested in Japan, especially Fukuoka, is welcome!



・Chongxian Tian(田 崇賢)

Assistant Manager New Business Development
Planning Dept,Business Development Headquarters/JR KYUSHU RAILWAY COMPANY


①Hiroe Imamura(今村 弘江)

 Coordinator for Overseas Economic Affairs Economy, Tourism & Culture Bureau/Fukuoka City Government

②Akiko Nakagawa(中川 明子)

 Flanker/Fukuoka City Global Startup Centre

③Mariko Uchino(内野 麻里子)

 Invest Japan Coordinator/JETRO Fukuoka

④Maxwell Peng(マックスウェル・ポン)

 VMFi Inc CEO. Taiwanese company offering 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation Solution


◆Date::Friday, October 14, 2022, 6:00PM – 7:30PM(UTC+09)



Offline + online streaming 

(viewing instructions will be provided via email at a later date)

The number of participants will be limited to 20.


◆Time Schedule(UTC+09)

Talk event: 6:00 PM
Social event (*Only for offline participants): 7:10 PM


◆Offline Venue:Co-working Co-learning Space Q

〒812-0012 B1F Amu Plaza Hakata, JR Hakata City,
1-1 Hakata Station Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
TEL 070-4491-3250 (Times when staff is available:weekdays 9:00AM~7:00PM/UTC+09)


This event is an English event. Only at the offline venue, Japanese translation by VMFi Inc.’s AI simultaneous interpretation tool will be displayed on the monitor.


◆entrance fee:free


◆Application Form:



We hope you will join us for this opportunity✨

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