Tsunagaru Edutech

Company Introduction/会社紹介

Company Name: Tsunagaru Edutech
Business:Tsunagaru Edutech is our digital DX consulting company with a strong international industry-academic expertise, international projects and solid evidence based research approach. Our main solutions included: 1) Digital Transformation (DX) Smart E-Commerce Business Smart Engineering & Industry Smart Training & Development Smart Education Smart e-Health & m-Health Smart Work Style Smart City, Campus and Mobility 2) Micro-Credentials, Digital Badges (Using Blockchain Technology) 3) EdTech or EduTech (educational technologies) and build advanced digital learning content 4) Virtual Training Platform (Tsunagaru Academy) is our learning management system to develop micro workshops, training and certified skill

Introduction of the CEO/代表者紹介

Hi there, I’m Pablo same like the famous Japanese cheesecake company name “PABLO Mini” 😊. I am a Chilean-Born and I spent half of my life living in the beauty Sunny Coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Cairns Cities) and Europe (The Netherlands). I am lucky guy living-working in many countries with team from all over the world, different nationalities and backgrounds. My international industry-academic expertise has built a solid tech and research background in emerging technologies, digital transformation (DX), online education and engineering skills. My special interests include smart campus, EdTech solutions, industry-academic research, online training and class automation. Most recently, I have worked as digital learning expert at The University of Queensland, Australia (research-intensive institution in the top 50 universities world-wide). Throughout my career, I have been a key influencer in developing and shaping senior decisions on technology-based solutions, business digital transformation (DX), e-learning, HyFlex and micro-learning; as well as an active advisor in identifying, analysing, prototyping, and experimenting with advanced emerging technologies into advanced micro-training and future society 5.0. I am active outdoor person, some of my hobbies are running, hiking, kayaking, biking and coffee lover. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our DX and digital learning global team can assist your businesses in your next digital transformation company strategy. Please feel free to contact me or if you want to have a coffee chat with me too! Thank you Pablo

Why Q/なぜ「Q」に入居した

The location and connectivity is excellent, specially for global and digital tech startups that are looking for an easy access to international and domestic airport; quick business meeting and remote flexible work. The staff are very friendly, English speakers and helpful too!

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